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We are a local Trekking Organizer (highly professional and with lot of experience in the fields of trekking) in Bali who organizes all Top Best Trekking from east to west of Bali. Our entire trekking program is designed for Nature Lover and Adventure Lover. We have created some packaged based on preferences and situation.

Sekumpul Waterfall Trekking

Sekumpul Waterfall Hiking Package

Hiking tour to Sekumpul Waterfalls  is one of the packages that we offer to you to gain experience about the waterfall prettiest there is on the island of Bali. This waterfall is consist of 7 small waterfalls, also this waterfall is the highest waterfall in Bali. In this program we not only take you to this waterfalls, but we will take you to walking around Sekumpul Green village where you will walking thru the Tropical Plantation, Rice terrace, entering the sekumpul village more and more, also during our walk we will see amazing green hills view. Our Local guide we will give some local fruits, Refreshment of Fresh Coconut Water during the trek, and Local Food For lunch.

This waterfall is located in the hidden village named Sekumpul village , this village located about 2.5 hours’ drive from Guest area like Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak. The named of  Sekumpul in the language of Indonesia, namely collection, which has the meaning of Combination  of several waterfalls. At this place we can find 7 waterfalls are composed of 2 adjacent places is about 200 meters away. First on the left side we find two waterfalls on the second location we could find a source 3 waterfalls. Second place this waterfall lying side by side has a height of approximately 100 m and discharge water is different. The second waterfall has a different spring, where water falls on the left while the spring water is sourced from the waterfall to the right (higher) sourced from the river. In the rainy season, the waterfall on the left stays clear because it is sourced from a spring while the waterfall on the right will Brown murky. The waterfall is very clear and cool feel on the skin. So people are very welcome to take a dip in the water jewel. Not to mention the beauty of nature around us is so green, quiet and unspoiled.